Probate and Guardianship Litigation and Administration


What happens to your assets when you die? The distribution of assets after death is the realm of Probate Law, a key strength of Alan Bryce Grossman, P.A.

The ability to take care of one’s self, or, more importantly, not take care of one’s self, early or late in life, is where Guardianship Law comes in, and Alan Bryce Grossman, P.A. is a great resource for your needs.

Leaving wealth and assets in a Trust involves attention to detail.  When matters involved a trust are contested, our practice is experienced in working towards a positive resolution, either by negotiation, or when necessary, through litigation.

We have been actively handling estate, trust, and guardianship matters in South Florida for more than 20 years.  Our knowledge of the Court system, and the intricate rules involved in probate and guardianship matters has proven to be invaluable to effectively and efficiently administer our client’s matters.

Whether you are asking us to handle a simple estate or guardianship matter, or take every available avenue to pursue the most complex litigation of wills, trust, or guardianship situations, we will do what it takes to get you a positive result.

Alan B. Grossman is a Certainty in an Uncertain World.
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